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Aviation and Marine Insurance in the Bahamas

Aviation Insurance

The use of aircraft as a means of transport is increasing each year. The buyers of aviation insurance are large commercial airlines, corporate or business aircraft owners, private owners and charter services. Usually a comprehensive policy is issued covering the aircraft itself (hull), the liabilities to passengers and the liabilities to others.

Marine Insurance

Commercial Marine Policies relate to three areas of risk, the hull, cargo and freight. The risks against which these items may be insured are loss or damage (as well as liability) caused by 'perils of the seas,' fire, theft, collision and a wide range of other perils.

The Yacht and Pleasure Craft Policy came about as a result of the increasing leisure use of small boats and private yachts. The policy is comprehensive in style, covering a wide range of perils including liabilities.

Boat Owner's Guide

As a boat owner, you must always have a plan of action, as well as a checklist tailored to your particular needs.

  1. You should always keep your fuel and water tanks full.
  2. Make sure that your batteries are fully charged and that your bilge pumps are working
  3. If you plan to trailer your boat to dry land, you MUST do this before an evacuation order is issued.
  4. Owners of large craft have to option of either securing your vessel in such a way as to protect it against STORM SURGE, HIGH WINDS & FLYING DEBRIS or haul your vessel on to land and secure the craft from the same.
  5. Always keep more than enough ropes and chafing gear, anchors and anchor line and any other important equipment which is necessary to secure your boat in the water.
  6. Monitor television and weather radio to keep up on all of the updates so you can respond in a safe and orderly manner.
  7. For those who live aboard boats, NEVER STAY ON BOARD YOUR BOAT DURING A HURRICANE!




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